The point

To photograph is an ambivalent issue. And although I´m showing here some of my recorded works my personal position towards photography is still a very conflicted one, simply because it´s hard to define whether photography can be counted as an art form or not. But beyond that there are more critics that initiated my consideration:

‘Each photography is in a way a memento mori. To photograph means to participate in mortality, vulnerability and changeabiltiy of other people (or things). Thereby every photography witnesses the uncompromising flow of time by singling out and freezing one particular moment’- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photographs are as much interpretation as paintings are”- SUSAN SONTAG

“There is an aggression implicit in every use of the camera”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photography is no art, it´s more a social rite, a defense against anxiety and a tool of power.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photography gives people an imaginary possesion of something which makes them feel secure.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photographs are only excerpts of reality, they cannot narrate.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Having a camera suggests the photographer is active, in fact he stays passive.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photography intrudes, distorts, exploits, trespasses.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photography turns subjects into objects.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photographs simplify reality.”- SUSAN SONTAG

“Photographs do both: conceal and reaveal.” – SUSAN SONTAG

“While Photographs may not lie, liars may photograph.” – LEWIS HINE

“The viewer is outside the frame, but inside the frame of it´s meaning”

Out of my engagement with all the critique connected to photography I found it´s time to give photography a new name as an art form: NART:

Both … art and no art…


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